What is Event Planning and why do I need a professional?

Event Planning is the designing, organizing and executing an event. Whether it’s a wedding, baptism, kids’ party, bachelor/bachelorette, baby shower, wedding proposal or even a divorce party or an “I’m single and ready to mingle” party, you need an idea behind it and an execution of that idea.

An Event Planner takes care of everything for you. From finding the perfect venue to choosing the best professionals for your event. They handle all communications, advise you on things that you may not have even considered, finesse every detail, set everything up, resolve any occurring issues and actually be there to serve your needs.

Even if you have already decided on many aspects of your event (such as venue, catering, invitations, wedding gifts, etc), the presence of an event planner is crucial for smooth sailing of your event.

The Event Planner is your person who will take care of everything while you are getting ready, happy and stress free, for your special day.

So, what is a themed wedding, exactly?

Our specialty! A themed wedding is where a specific theme of your choice adds a personal touch to your wedding.

We explore your idea together and we create the most spectacular themed wedding for you.

Are you up for an old Hollywood vintage wedding? A minimalist industrial wedding? A wedding based on your favorite book, movie or memory? Or a wedding full of wonderful lavender, golden grass or the eternally elegant olive tree?

Imagivent is here for you!

Why choose Kythera for a wedding or a baptism?

The Greek island of Kythera, since ancient times and through legend, is considered a magical place. It’s the island of Eros, goddess Aphrodite’s birthplace, containing a universe full of mysticism, joys and hidden treasures.

The stunning waterfalls of Mylopotamos, the picturesque fishing village of Avlemonas, the lush scenery of Karava, Katouni’s beautiful bridge, a plethora of beaches and a unique sunset combined with exceptional choices in facilities and wedding professionals, make Kythera the ideal location for a dream wedding. Of course, if you originate from Kythera, you know that choosing the island is a no-brainer!

How much is it going to cost?

There is no specific price on organizing an event, because every client is unique and so are their needs. Together we discuss your vision, specifications, wishes and demands and we offer privileged deals from our network of the best of their kind professionals.

How far in advance do I have to start planning?

It depends on the type of event and your needs. For example, for a wedding with lots of planning and details, a good head start would be 9-12 months prior.

Can I book an appointment with you?

Absolutely! Call us on +30 6946 061 778 or email us and let’s chat about your event. Our first meeting is free of charge!